How To Turn A Fine Head Of Hair Into A Fuller-Looking One

How To Turn A Fine Head Of Hair Into A Fuller-Looking One Hair Network

Fine hair may be easy to manage, but it can sometimes look limp or flat, just when you’re dying to be out for the evening with full, bouncy tresses. Luckily, volume is all about adding body and texture. With so many great products on the market these days proven to work, you can easily bring body and fullness to thin hair. Here are five easy, practical tips for giving volume to fine hair.

Choose The Right Hairstyle

No matter how many great hair products you use, the effects will be undone if your hairstyle works against the intended effect. 

A shorter hairstyle with a blunt trim will help not to weigh down your hair and will have a much better optic effect than long, spindly strands ‘creeping’ down your back or sides. You could also try a hairstyle with multiple layers to produce a light, feathery effect.

Use A Hair Thickening Shampoo

To boost your hair and give it bounce, you can’t use your normal product and expect different results. Use a tried and trusted, pro-quality volumising shampoo as step one in your hair care routine to achieve vibrant looking, thick locks.

If your strands are both dry and fine, follow up with a hydrating mask. However, ensure that you pick a weightless hydrating mask so as not to add any heaviness to your locks. If you do, it will work against the bouncy, full effect you are trying to achieve with your thickening shampoo.

Follow Up With With A Volumising Conditioner

To build on the body that will be built by the volumising shampoo, reinforce this with a volumising conditioner. Only apply from the middle of your hair to the ends, to avoid any kind of greasy build up near the scalp or roots. Root-shine from product oils will only weigh down your hair and cause it to look limp at the top, especially the crown.

Pre-Blow Dry Prep: Use A Thickening Mousse Or Balm 

Your hair-thickening mousse will prep the hair to add body to your roots in particular, leaving the hair looking shiny, airy and fuller. When choosing your volumising mousse, make sure it also has built-in heat protection.

You could also choose a thickening balm or spray instead, as well as this best-selling volumising foam with in-built heat protection.

Do not rinse out any of these products before proceeding to blowdry your hair.

Use A Volumising Blow Dry Spray Or Mist

You’re now ready to blow dry your hair. A weightless, protective volumising mist is just the final, important at this point. Use it to achieve body and shape, lifting your hair from root to tip. Use a round blow dry brush, one section at the time, zoning in on your roots with the nozzle facing upwards. Try to use a medium or low setting, as intense heat will dehydrate your hair – the idea is to lock in moisture for shine. Dehydrated hair is also prone to frizziness, so you’ll want to avoid that, too. 

Turn up the heat with the last 20 percent of damp to go. When fully dry, you can also set some of your locks, for example at the crown, in big curlers for extra fullness and bounce. 

So there you have it – fine hair can certainly be turned into full, luscious locks with a few great products and a little bit of love when it comes to your styling techniques.


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