Say ‘I Do’ To Divine Tresses With This Ultimate Self-Care Hair Routine

Say ‘I Do’ To Divine Tresses With This Ultimate Self-Care Hair Routine Hair Network

Let’s face it, nothing feels as good as a pamper session in a spa. But that’s not always possible, so in between spoils, most of us take special care of our skin, face and nails at home to remain looking and feeling our best. Now it’s time to do the same for your crowning glory, your hair. This month of love, say ‘I do’ to taking care of your tresses with this ultimate self-care routine. 

Research What It Is Your Hair Needs And Buy High-Quality Hair Products To Use At Home

The secret to recreating your salon experience at home, starts with taking the time to understand your hair type so you choose products accordingly. Get to know why sulphate- and paraben-free shampoos are a must, and why hydrating masks twice a month are hardly a luxury. Another basic fact to familiarise yourself with is the importance of paying enough attention to your scalp. The health of your scalp directly affects your hair, so don’t overlook this aspect of cleansing your head in general.

Banish Basic Bad Habits

We’re all guilty of one or more of these hair sins at some points in our lives:

  • Heat styling minus heat protectant, which literally scorches your hair.
  • Investing in a good quality product, but then using it incorrectly, not using it enough or applying too much product. Take the time to read the label so you get the benefit of the product, and don’t inadvertently add to your hair woes.
  • Yanking a comb or brush through your tangled hair. This will only lead to hair breakage. Gently does it, one section at a time, from the bottom up.
  • Towel drying your hair by rubbing it wildly. This can lead to frizz, dullness and breakage along the hair shaft. Wring out your hair gently and squeeze from top to tips.
  • Damaging the hair shaft during piping hot showers, instead of covering your hair and using only luke-warm water for washes. Similarly, wear a hat if out in the blazing sun for hours. 

Get these basics right – your hair will love you for it. 

Hydrate, Nourish, Repair

Your hair is like your skin – it needs water in order to self-moisturise. Air conditioning and sunlight dry your hair, just as it does any organ. You therefore also need to protect it externally, by using hydrating shampoos, hydrating conditioners and deep repair serums or masks.

An organ?! Yes, the hair follicle itself is actually an organ which self-repairs and regenerates, and this is why it is especially important to feed it the boosters it needs to stay in top shop. Because the hair follicle is made of protein, a good investment is in a product that repairs the protein bonds in your hair all the way down.

Treat Your Scalp With Special Care

Good hair starts with your scalp. Cleanse it thoroughly, and spend at least three minutes massaging it during your wash. It is not only relaxing, but stimulates oxygen and blood flow to the follicles, meaning increased healthy hair growth. Pay special attention if your scalp is itchy or irritated. If there has been build up on your scalp, consider exfoliating your scrub so it gets a great deep clean.

Love your locks this month of cupid and make it a habit – you’ll be thanking yourself for years to come. 


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