5 Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Hair Products

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Hair Products Hair Network

As your crowning glory, your hair is an investment. In fact, a few years ago, a study declared the phenomenon of “bad hair days” leading to bad days in general to be true. Self-esteem, social grace, and confidence are major contributors to personal success, so it makes perfect sense that investing a little money in your hair is certainly worthwhile. 

While it’s very tempting to pick up a large bottle of R50 shampoo from the drugstore, it’s important to keep in mind that cheaper products are less expensive for a reason, and that “cheap is expensive in the long run” – not only for the amount of product you end up purchasing, but also because of the damage it can cause on your precious locks. So, while you may be saving money upfront, the costs quickly add up down the line. 

We understand that making the switch to professional hair products and committing to the expenses can be hard to do if you don’t know why it’s important or the difference it will make. This is why we’re here to guide you on some of the reasons why you should invest in salon quality hair products.

1. Higher Quality & Concentration Of Ingredients 

Professional hair products generally use gentler surfactants (cleaners) and contain a higher concentration of active ingredients that produce better results. The ingredients also include vitamins and minerals to nourish your hair from the outside in, instead of just moisturising it on the surface. This means that when you use high-end products your hair will benefit from more of the good stuff. 

Drugstore products may contain some of the same ingredients as luxury hair products, but at a much lower concentration, so you’re getting less of the high-grade ingredients that actually nourish your hair. They’re often watered-down and filled with low-cost fillers and harsh chemicals that can damage your hair and result in a synthetic build-up or residue in the hair. 

2. You Use Less But Get More

As we mentioned above, luxury hair products are formulated with a much higher concentration of active ingredients which means you only need to use a small amount to get amazing results. So while you pay more for a professional hair product, it lasts you much longer, giving you more bang for your buck. What a win! 

3. The Best Research Development 

Luxury haircare brands are known for their advanced and thorough research that goes into developing and innovating their products. They’re constantly looking for ways to improve the ingredients and better their treatments. When you purchase a professional hair product, you know that you’re getting the latest and very best in advanced hair care. 

4. Protects Your Hair 

We all know that a good hair day starts with a good quality haircut and hair colour, and in the hair industry, you get what you pay for. So if you’re willing to fork out for a high quality experience in the salon, it’s crucial to use the right luxury hair products on a regular basis to protect your hair, extend its colour and keep it as healthy as possible between salon visits. 

5. Better For The Environment 

It’s becoming more and more important to pay attention to the brands you support and how they support environmentally conscious efforts. Since luxury hair products contain more natural ingredients and fewer harsh chemicals, they are a much more eco-friendly option. They also produce less waste since you end up using less product, and the bottle lasts you much longer. 

Get That Salon Feeling Every Day 

You may be inclined to buy cheap hair products to save money, but ultimately you will end up spending the same – if not more – than you would on professional hair products because they do not give the same effect. Professional products go a long way in nourishing your tresses long-term, help save you money long term, are better for the environment, and give you that salon feeling every day at home.  


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