Myth Or Magic, Truth Or Fiction? We Correct The Most Common Hair Myths

Myth Or Magic, Truth Or Fiction? We Correct The Most Common Hair Myths Hair Network

#1. Washing Your Hair With The Same Shampoo And Conditioner All The Time Deprives Your Hair Of Benefits As Your Hair Gets ‘Used To’ These Products

Uhm, no. Your hair is not alive in the way that skin cells are or your body as a whole is, so cannot become ‘immune’ to certain products. If the shine, lustre or overall condition of your hair is deteriorating, you may not be using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type in the first place. 

Or, your hair may be reflecting the results of air pollution damage or UV exposure. Try a conditioner with built-in SPF, or finish off with a slick of overall heat-protecting oil or serum – but make sure you know the difference first. A nutrient-rich hair mask at least once every two weeks will also go a long way towards keeping your hair in tip-top condition.

#2. Trimming Your Ends Is The Only Real Remedy To Get Rid Of Pesky Split Ends

True. But washing your hair in luke-warm or cool water also helps to retain moisture in the hair follicles all the way down to your ends, as does using hydrating shampoos and conditioners. You’d also do your hair a huge favour if you don’t abuse it with your brush – work away knots and tangles from the bottom up, gently. Be extra careful when your mane is wet, and preferably using a detangling brush designed for wet hair. 

To improve the strength of the hair shaft and reduce split ends over time, take supplements such as folic acid and biotin. These reduce shaft deterioration and aging. It is also worthwhile investing in hair treatments specifically formulated to fight the prevalence of split ends by nourishing your hair all the way down.

#3. Washing Your Hair Daily Causes It To Dry Out

Yes and no. Dry hair is as a result of a lack of hydration, including physical hydration from your water intake itself. This is why it’s important to use hydrating shampoos and conditioners, especially in summer.

There is however little evidence to conclusively suggest that washing your hair very frequently ‘dries it out’. It may, however, strip the hair of essential oils that act as the shaft’s natural protection if the shampoo you are using contains harsh chemicals such as parabens and sulfates. A sulfate-free shampoo is a must if you’re a wash-a-day kind of person. 

#4. Conditioning The Hair For Too Long Or Too Much Causes Dandruff

Not quite. No product can cause dandruff itself, as it is a skin condition, specifically related to the skin on your scalp. The most common cause is a fungus, malassezia, that multiplies on oily scalps. It could also be related to other medical conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis.

The wrong conditioner for your scalp type could, of course, make things worse. To get rid of these ‘mini-snowflakes’, your best bet is to use a quality anti-dandruff shampoo which is formulated to soothe the scalp and flakiness. 

#5. If You Have Greasy Hair, You Should Avoid Using Conditioner

No – not unless you want greasy and damaged hair! When your scalp tissue produces too much oil or sebum, you’ll have an oily build-up. So the cause is not your conditioner, but your scalp itself. Avoid or reduce how much conditioner you use around the scalp area, but never skimp on conditioning the rest of your strands.

#6. Jumping Into The Pool With Freshly Coloured Hair Will Make It Turn Green

You probably don’t like the idea of turning into Shrek, as lovable as he is, but the likelihood of this happening is, unfortunately, high! What is not true, though, is that your new, green, ‘eco-friendly’ look is as a result of the chlorine in the water. 

When the copper in the pool water (and even in tap water) binds to the proteins in your hair, the discoloration sets in. 

Use a protective leave-in conditioner to help prevent this from happening. 

Don’t fall for every hair fallacy you read – not every fairytale turns out well!


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