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Top Tips For Curly Hair Hair Network

Ever since the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out with her signature curly blowdry or model Tina Kunakey burst onto the scene with her luscious, curly mane, defined curls or waves – whether for straight hair that has to be curl styled or naturally curly hair – has been one of the most desired hair trends. Achieving that perfectly glossy, curly finish usually involves a bit of patience and product such as a specialised shampoo for curly hair or curl enhancer, but the head-turning effect it will have when you step out makes it well worth the effort! Here are some of our top tips for beautiful curly tresses. 

Tame Those Ends With A Trim

The follicle structure of curly hair and the wear and tear from achieving a curly finish on straight hair, does make your hair more susceptible to splitting at the end. Without a trim every six to eight weeks, even during periods when you are trying to grow your hair out, your hair could split further up your strands and even result in an unintended frizzy look all over.

Pre-Shampoo, Shampoo And Conditioning Tips For Curly Hair

Aim to use a shampoo for curly hair that is paraben-, alcohol and sulphate-free on your hair, regardless of the texture. Switch to gentle surfactants which contain none of the above harmful agents, and are preferably fragrance-free from reputable hair outlets. Remember, your local beauty and cosmetics store or favourite pharmacy is not a salon quality expert!

A pre-shampoo treatment for curly hair will also work wonders to visibly improve the quality of your locks, as will a hair mask or conditioning oil, or conditioner for curly hair. The pre-shampoo treatment helps to detangle your locks, minimising breakage. Leave your mask or curly hair conditioner in for 20 minutes so it penetrates the hair shaft and works its repair magic from the inside. 

Bottoms Up!

Inevitably, curly hair or hair that has been curl styled tends to tangle. Always gently comb your hair from bottom to top with a wide-toothed comb, so that you smooth out sections from the bottom up. Doing it the other way around could lead to bigger clumps at the bottom which will require more detangling intervention.

The Road To Excess Is Filled With Moderation

The pursuit of your Rapunzel-like head of glossy curls always involves moderate heat when washing or rinsing so as not to strip your hair of natural oils or sebum. Should you strip your hair of its natural oils, you risk increased breakage as the protective oil barriers are punctured.

And, speaking of heat, use a quality heat protectant spray or blow dry oil when you style, such as when you use a diffuser or hair dryer for the same reasons.

Curl Enhancer 

If you have wavier curl strands that are more prone to being straight than curly, a curl enhancer is your secret weapon. Use it to create curl definition while minimising frizz, and help to hold those clearly defined curls in place for longer. It also adds shine. Apply your secret weapon to damp hair, or use a diffuser if blow-drying for extra definition.

A great head of envy inducing, high-gloss, defined curls involves identifying and using the right haircare products and following a sensible maintenance routine. Your reward? Ravishing results that will make you the envy of any line-up of luscious-haired ladies!


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