Frizzy Hair Woes? Take Control With These Top Tips!

Frizzy Hair Woes? Take Control With These Top Tips! Hair Network

Most of us know the feeling: your perfectly styled beach waves turn into a big, poofy hair mess after one hour, or your curls come alive, develop their own willpower, and decide to lose their definition and slide into an undefined head of frizz. But fear not! Your frizzy hair can be tamed with the right approach and product. Take your tresses from frizzy to fabulous with these top tips.

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Just as your skin needs moisture, so does your hair! The more healthy and hydrated your hair, the less inclined it is to seek moisture from any drops or humidity in the environment. Use an in-shower hydrating hair mask as part of your routine, and ensure that your product regime is geared towards hydrating your hair.

If your hair is also damaged, make sure to adopt a routine that also first restores your damaged hair.

Turn Down The Heat

A head of luscious coils or curls is hot! But in order to get that sizzling effect, avoid scorching your scalp and hair in the shower. Use a luke-warm setting so your cuticles remain sealed, and any existing moisture remains locked in.

Timing And Technique Are Everything

One of the first anti-frizz products you should apply post-shower is an anti-frizz serum. Even the best product will fail if you wait too long to apply it after washing your hair – remember, you want to lock in that moisture, so don’t give it time to evaporate.

Similarly, don’t dry excess moisture with a towel. Your cotton towel will only cause friction and static. Squeeze your hair dry then use a microfibre towel or headwrap.

The Root Of The Problem

Your roots are unprotected territory and vulnerable to breakage. They are the first follicles to eagerly seek out environmental moisture and frizz up. Trim your split ends regularly, and opt for a blunt hairstyle, so that the weight of your hair ‘pulls down’ your ends, leaving them less room to float about and unravel.

How To Treat Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair treatment starts with a nourishing, hydrating wash, followed by a mask (once a week), and then a restorative, hydrating condition. Finish with a good leave-in cream or product to seal in moisture, define curls and protect from breakage. Follow up with a hair serum for frizzy hair. 

Use a curl diffuser if you’re going to apply heat, and use a good protective treatment before any styling to insulate your strands.

Use The Best Products For Frizzy Hair – Here’s What To Look For

The bottom line is: avoid products with substantial alcohol content and look for hydration-based products that contain humectants, which absorb extra moisture. Glycerin is a great humectant. Use glycerin-based shampoos and conditioners to coat your hair and seal in moisture. Other great ingredients to look out for are in conditioners and hair masks are coconut oil, argan oil, and almond oil. 

Whatever you do for frizzy hair, remember that your mantra is the same as for your face: moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!


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