How To Keep Your Blonde Hair Healthy, Shimmering And Shiny

How To Keep Your Blonde Hair Healthy, Shimmering And Shiny Hair Network

As gorgeous and fun as it is to have blonde hair, that alluring light and shine needs some easy, behind-the-scenes maintenance to keep it in top sheen. For as long as hair attributes have been recorded in history and popular culture, there can be no denying that blondes have enjoyed an ‘elevated’ status – from Greek gods who were most often depicted as blondes, to the casting of ladies with sunshine-hued hair in femme fatale roles on both the big and small screen. 

Whether you’re naturally blonde or have highlighted hair, these haircare tips will make retaining your beautiful blonde hair colour that much more rewarding. 

Use A Toning Shampoo And Conditioner For Blonde Hair

Keep your blonde hair in peak colour condition by using a toning shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair. It’s an easy in-shower addition to enhance your shade, correct the undertone of your hair colour and eliminate brassiness. A firm favourite amongst those with cool or icy blonde locks, these products typically have a blue, purple or violet undertone, depending on the look you wish to achieve. 

Give Your Hair The Cold Shoulder

Copper, chlorine, calcium and magnesium, the very minerals used to fortify the water coming into our homes, are unfortunately not a blonde’s best friend as they erode your hair’s colour. If you can, invest in a showerhead filter. As the name suggests, it filters the water of harsh chemicals so as to soften and purify your shower water. 

Finally, when it comes to water, the most easy-to-implement positive change you can make is to rinse off your conditioner with luke-warm, rather than hot water. Hot water penetrates the cuticles, which are specifically sealed to retain vital nutrients. If you can muster a cold rinser, that’s even better!

Stay Clean With A Dry Shampoo In Between Washes

When it comes to haircare tips for blonde hair, the dry shampoo is one of your biggest secret weapons! Dry shampoos are mostly sulfate-free, an added benefit for keeping blonde hair bright. These waterless formulations absorb greasy oils, rather than dissolving them.

As dry shampoo does not actually ‘clean’ your hair, limit how much you use it to one day a week so you avoid scalp build-up or even dulling your sunshine-like hair. 

Deep Condition Your Hair To Show Your Blonde Tresses Some Love!

It’s hard not to love your perfectly done blonde hair colour. Maintain that stepped-out-of-the-salon look by deep conditioning your highlighted hair every five to seven washes. Again, the non-negotiable is a properly blonde-formulated hair masque or treatment. It’s an example of how changing to professionally formulated haircare products will make the difference between beautiful hair now, versus having healthy, glossy locks for decades to come as well.

The investment in haircare products scientifically formulated to enhance and extend the longevity of your natural blonde looks (lucky you!) or your blonde highlights is both rewarding and sensible. Not only does the product last longer as you use less, but your colour does, too! There’s nothing like knowing you’ve made a few easy but critical hair care changes that will see you confidently flaunting your locks in style for years to come!

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